Saturday, August 18

Below are the pictures of my side of Mariah and I's room in Buist Rivers Residence hall. Move in day was hot but went very well. There were plenty of volunteers on hand to help students cart their belongings up many flights of stairs. My closet is plenty large and I even have lots of empty space. Dad put together my bookcase and dividing curtain. The 3 piece screen/chalk board works wonderfully as a divider and message board. Mariah and I are also enjoying the Keurig coffee maker that Granny Bec gave me. We have some snacks, including milk, on hand but the cafeteria has 3 dinner options and a dessert bar. The gym doesn't open for 24 hours until classes start, but until then we are "feeling the burn" walking up 4 flights of stairs. Already I'm missing Grandma and Furball, in addition to the rest of the family. The last picture below is of the get together I had with (from left) Annie, Johnny Mac, Grace, and Stephen at Buzz and Ned's BBQ on Thursday night. Although Matt, Nathaniel, and Christopher couldn't make it, it was good to see the friends that I'll be leaving behind. Grace was sweet enough to get me some hand arranged flowers. She and Stephen even drove themselves...Congrats on getting their licenses... it seems like yesterday I was in the same position.

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