Friday, August 24

Friday Update
This has been an exhausting week to say the least. The people here are...interesting....if interesting means all the same. This is compensated by the decent professors, easy classes, and beautiful scenery. In the end, a dull social life leaves room for my internship at the South Carolina Women's Business Center 8 hours a week. I've worked with 3 advisors: Jill, Maria, and Dr. Ganaway, who have all assured me that I'm far ahead of the game considering my internship and aptitude. My meeting with Dr. Ganaway confirmed my ability to graduate in three years without taking summer courses. Classes are only 3-4 hours per day, leaving plenty of time for cleaning my tiny closet of a room, and the occasional studying. Peers on my hall are complaining about their immense amount of homework, yet I have completed in more quickly and efficiently. Ahhh, the benefits of MLW are paying off, as Mrs. Williams says. My roommate is very agreeable, neat, and friendly. I like all of my professors, except one who comes off as condescending. I have yet to meat my Geology Lab professor, but I'm sure that can't be but so bad. The food has been great: hamburgers, dessert bar, salad bar, yogurt bar, sandwich bar, and pizza are always offered. A stir fry station, homecooked station, and Mexican station are also regulars, as is 2 types of daily soup. I've been very satisfied by the variety, even if the dessert bar is lacking...I don't think they've grasped that butter is the secret to a dry cookie/cake/pie. They seem to have a certain fondness for dry cookies and half cooked lemon bars....the soft serve machine compensates though.

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