Monday, September 10

I had a great visit home this weekend filled with friends, family, and food! Aunt Linda/Grandma's brownies were a highlight. The train ride there was smooth but on the way home 7 hrs turned into 12 and I ended up missing 2 classes. Saturday night I enjoyed dinner with friends at Buzz and Ned's BBQ in Richmond. Everyone made it except Allison, Trey, and Christopher. Grandma was so surprised to see me she had to sit down. Thanks to Eileen for helping me fool her. My next planned visit home will be mid-October although a short visit before then might be in order...we'll see.

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  1. Hi Cam, Yes Aunt Linda's brownies & chocolate cherry cake are THE BEST! Lucky girl for her to send you back to school with a tin full! We loved having you home (even though we tried to "share" & didn't get to see enough of you! You were a strong survivor on the great train ride home. Much love, Mom


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