Sunday, October 21

A Sunday Blessing

Granny and Grandfather got to come to my church here in Charleston and the preacher gave a great sermon. After a particularly tough week and a half of praying for direction, the Lord answered my prayer through the sermon- the Lord definitely directed his words towards me. The sermon was based on Exodus 14 when the Lord sets the Egyptians free but then the Pharaoh's army comes after them right away. They are hopeless and afraid- why did the Lord bless them so much only to send the army after them? Their trials fits perfectly with mine and the Lord showed me not to fear, but to be still. To be sure that what I do now shouldn't be out of fear and hopelessness, but out of faith. In this stillness he will save me- after all he died on the cross when we didn't even care! I must continue to trust in him as my family struggles to cope with my decisions, for if I do, His blessings will overflow from me. There is no challenge He cannot confront- even a huge army, the Red Sea, or crucifixion- so I shan't be afraid. Besides, would I appreciate the many blessings that will flow abundantly if they were handed to me on a platter. That wouldn't be faith would it? When we give the Lord our life through faith alone, his blessings will be so abundant we cannot imagine, and our life will be a witness to all who see.

We also ate lunch at a popular nearby spot where I had the world's best cake- CocaCola Cake. The restaurant's namesake lived to be 113!

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