Tuesday, November 13

The Failing Family

For a while now, the topic of gender roles and the family have turned around in my head. The 3 papers and seemingly endless classroom discussion of the subjects dominate. Appropriately, my final research paper is entitled "Schooling Jezebel: Female Sexuality on the College Campus and What it Means for Our Daughters." It's like when you buy a blue Camaro, you start to see blue Camaros everywhere. I told myself I'd write a post about the subject as soon as my thoughts formulated into something cohesive... and that was a while ago. But today, in sociology class as we discussed divorce, the family, and women's roles, I realized I had to write something even though my thoughts aren't cohesive yet.

It's really not surprising the family's falling apart. There's no more need for the family! Look at all the social forces that push up divorce rates. It's socially acceptable to divorce. The government can step in to take over the roles that the family used to. "Single mom, it's okay, HeadStart will babysit" Food stamps, public education, welfare, and other governmental structures dissolve the need for a family. Humans are sinful by nature- we flee from problems and choose the easy way out. Marriage is hard, raising children is hard, turning to the government is easy. It's easy to divorce when society tells you its okay. It's easy to divorce when today's serial monogamy is rehearsal for break up. It's easy to divorce, when there is no God in your life, judging you for eternity. How can we expect Americans to behave any better when society condones divorce, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, irresponsibility, and sin. The "discover yourself" mentality of today teaches couples that no marriage is better than an unhealthy marriage. And out children mimic this pattern; children of divorce are more likely to divorce. A majority of couples between 18 and 25 will cohabit before marriage. Why is it that we get married later, are more educated, and women are more 'empowered', yet divorce runs rampant? Doesn't this indicate that the liberal model is wrong? Yes, but we refuse to believe that. Our professors, academic, politicians, and the extremely educated cry out that things may be rough now, but the past was worse (women were beaten, opressed, depressed, blah, blah) My professor (a working mom with 2 young daughters) today shouted "women working outside the home did not destroy the American family, if you say this on the test I will scream!" She then told the story of her grandmother who had 13 siblings: "I'd probably leave with 13 children..grounds for divorce right there, I can only imagine." Our culture is no longer quietly anti-family, they shout it from the rooftops. If the liberalization of America's working so well, why is the family breaking apart? Why is our country falling apart? How long will the denial last?

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