Thursday, January 10

On a sweltering hot day, a group of railroad workers were diligently repairing a railroad track. Work was going smoothly when an unexpected interruption arrived; a train car stopped near them and out walked the President of the railroad. Surprise was written over many of the workers faces which then only intensified as the President called one of them to have lunch with him. The worker smiled and followed the President into the train leaving the other workers in wonder. A few hours later out stepped the worker, shaking hands with the President and giving a hearty farewell. Joining his fellow workers they asked why he had received such a wonderful opportunity?
He responded: "The President and I are good friends, we both began working for the railroad at the same time over twenty five years ago."
"That doesn’t make sense, why is he the President of the railroad and you are out here working with us?" They asked.
"Well it’s like this" He said, "Twenty five years ago I went to work for $2 an hour while he went to work for the railroad"

Are your working for yourself or something bigger than yourself. Are you working for God?...full time, because it's the move from part-time to full-time work that offers the life insurance package. Are working for $2 and hour?

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