Monday, January 7

What the next 4 months will bring...

To better serve our family business and charity I am pursuing a bachelor's degree (100%) online from Liberty University in education. Why education? Why not finance or non-profit work? A degree in education will prepare me to homeschool my children, work with children's ministries, and satiate my love of children. To finish my degree more quickly and economically I will carry a full load of classes in Charleston Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and return home each weekend to serve my family. At the end of this semester I'll be full time at home taking Liberty online courses to graduate December 2013.

"What will you do at home?" is perhaps the most frequent question I hear. A variety of (changing) tasks that will best serve my family: the construction business, dad's non-profit, the grandparents, hosting quests, volunteering, serving the church, cooking, cleaning, starting a home business, bookkeeping, studying, gardening/canning, and overall saving the family money.

"Why online?"
Liberty's online program is a Christ centered curriculum that understands the needs of students with family responsibilities. A professor is more willing to allow flexibility with say, a retreat, than a residential program. I can fulfill all of my duties with family and school rather than giving half of myself to each. Online education has come a long way in recent years and the Liberty Online Christian is considered the best online education in the country. The online program allows for student-to-student and student-to-professor interaction. Assignments are given ahead of time and due weekly. This gives me the flexibility to say- grocery shop during sale hours and study later rather than be bound to a classroom a 30 minute drive away.

"Why are you getting a degree? Didn't you say women don't need an education?"
There's a difference between education and schooling. Education is essential. Schooling is not. To best serve my father's charity, my father, and therefore The Father, I need a degree to be the best ambassador to his (and His) charity and business. Our family has seen first hand the high costs of not getting a degree when a field of work requires it. That being said, I only pursued a degree once I knew my motives were not 1) to prove myself to others, 2) to make an idol of security, or 3) to placate the beliefs of others. Only when the degree best serves Him, should we pursue that path.

Have any more questions? Feel free to comment and I'll respond.

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