Tuesday, March 26

Discover Oneself?

My journey through the public university system has given me a unique look at the mounting social, cultural, religious, and academic drawbacks of handing the education of one's children to a third party. The Lord has (and will) definitely used my 2 semesters away from home as a learning and evangelizing tool for myself and family. For instance, when sharing my convictions I can relate to folks who maybe went to public schools, or I can share with them the dramatic way the Lord can enter your heart and direct your steps. The other day I was trying to (singlehandedly) defend homeschool before a liberal professor who wants to ban homeschooling in my Foundations of Education class. Every class and encounter is a tool to sharpen my spiritual knife.

My developmental psychology class usually prompts significant prayer and scripture study, and today was no different. We proceed through the developmental stages of life chronologically, and now we're in a newly created stage called "Emerging Adulthood" coined by psychologists in the last 30 years to describe the years from 18-30. (FYI, this is a required class for my early childhood edu major). Essentially, a period of delayed responsibility is so prevalent in Western Culture, that a new 'developmental' stage of life has been coined. I don't deny the existence of a socially constructed state called "Emerging Adulthood" but I do believe it is detrimental to society.

When explaining my decision to be an at-home daughter I often tell people that I'm using my single years not to "discover  myself" but to discover what God wants for me. As described my scholars, psychologists, and my professor, the Emerging Adulthood Stage (20's in American) is characterized by self-discovery, experimentation, and fun before marriage. 20-somethings see adulthood and family as something to delay because of the responsibility. We are raising generations of citizens who believe responsibility, commitment, and family ties are to be avoided at all cost.

But when did we begin teaching our children that responsibility is bad? Since when is a family a burden? Since when do we place our personal happiness above all else? Doesn't Scripture say, "A man's heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps." Western 20-somethings shirk away from not only allowing God to directeth his steps but to enter his heart at all. Less than 15% of 20-somethings consider religion important or very important in their lives according to my textbook. I don't intent to judge or criticize, but merely to remark on cultural apologetics. I am so thankful to have the Lord in my heart, and it is my hope that we can reverse the trend of "Emerging Adulthood" but, more importantly, pray the Lord enters the heart of everyone.

Interested? Check out the NY Times article entitled What Is It About 20-Somethings?

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