Saturday, March 30

From "The Book of Jerry Fallwell"

William james speculated that those who experienced dramatic conversions might have been born with a 'melancholy disposition' and chronically, 'divided' mind, or else they had drunk 'too deep of the cup of bitterness.' Contemporary social scientists have also investigated converts to born-again Christianity for some indication of why they convert. The notion is, apparently, that those who convert are somehow susceptible, vulnerable, in need of something. 

Yes, we need something... it's called the grace of God!

So the question becomes: Why? What's wrong? What's unsettling them? Or What's setting them up? How have the been predisposed to convert.?

I can speak for all of humanity when I say; we are predisposed by sin.

Social scientists scrutinize the external psychological and social conditions of converts looking for clues, patterns, and causes. They have found evidence of converts' lives of psychological and social stress (due to marriage problems, loss of a job, imprisonment, adolescence, dating).

Might I suggest that a religious awakening comes not because of these stresses, but that these stresses result from a lack of acceptance of Christ as Savior?

They have argued that converts were predisposed by previous conditioning and by patterns of interpersonal influence. Distinct conversion methods (social seclusions, dramatic enactments, bodily markings, physical stress or pain , fasting, interrogation, chanting, silence, immobility) certainly pave the way for radical shifts in belief and commitment. The language of conversion 'divides' the mind and contributes to bringing about conversion. 

If ignorance, stress, or conditioning were required for me to be saved, then Amen. 

**italics are my speech, and bold is excerpts from "The Book of Jerry Fallwell", a book about the language of fundamentalist Christians and the rise of Fallwell's movement during the 70's and 80's

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