Tuesday, March 12

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)

What a blessed week I had at home for spring break deepening bonds with family and enjoying some much needed quite time to launch New Breath. CPAC this weekend will be a great opportunity to hand out business cards and network. Already I have likes on facebook and followers on Pinterest and twitter. Never thought I could learn how to use these technologies, but it turns out you can teach a dumb dog new tricks.

Honk if you're excited about CPAC! Ok, double click if you're excited about CPAC! Here's what I'm planning on seeing on Friday and Saturday:

9AM- Mitch McConnell, Potomac Ballroom
9:15 Kelly Ayote Potomac
9:30 Paul Ryan Potomac
10:45 Wayne LaPierre NRA potomac
12 Santorum Potomac
1:00 Romney Potomac
1:15 Pro-life Potomac
2:25 Bobby Jindal Potomac
3:00 Fatherless America National Harbor 2-3
4:00 Religious Freedom CHesapeake D-F
5:30 Jeb Bush book signing Exhibit Hall D-E

9:15 Scott Walker Potomac
9:30 Newt Gingrich
9:45 Michelle Bachmann Potomac
10:00 Ben Carson Potomac
11:30 Carson book signing Exhibit Hall D-E
12:00 Sarah Palin Potomac
12:30 10 Conservatives under 40 Potomac
12:45 Schlafly book signing Exhibit D-E
2:30 Mia Love Potomac
3:15 Coulter book signing Exhibit D-E
3:45 Reince Preibus Potomac
5:00 Ted Cruz Potomac

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