Sunday, April 7

10 Things We Hope Our Daughters Find in a Husband

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▪    A dedicated believer of the same doctrinal persuasion, equipped to lead and teach her and his family
▪    Motivated by a sincere desire to glorify God through his life and the life of his family
▪    Faithful in his church attendance and service in the church
▪    Involved in work and service that would benefit from a wife’s help and support
▪    Well-established in his vocational direction
▪    Financially free
▪    Teachable – seeks counsel, does not isolate himself in decisions, responds humbly to correction and suggestions
▪    A one-woman man – has saved himself for his wife
▪    Sexually discreet – not flirtacious
▪    Self-disciplined
▪    Respected by those who know him and work with him
▪    Responsible – keeps his word and his commitments
▪    Humbly under authority – in home, in church, under civil law
▪    A student of God’s Word, seriously looking to it for guidance in all areas of life.
▪    Committed to homeschooling his children and in leading/participating in the schooling
▪    Committed to providing for his family and allowing his wife to care for the family at home
▪    Honest – does not try to appear to be something he is not, does not misrepresent facts
▪    Does not speak evil of others
▪    Words are supported by his actions with a servant's heart
▪    A hard worker
▪    Money saved or vocational training that has fairly certain future
▪    Strong leadership qualities demonstrated in his life
▪    A man who will lead our daughter and their children in holiness and service
It's never too early to pray!

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