Sunday, May 26

ABC's of Motherhood

I love you Mom!!
A- Academic Advisor, Architect
B- Baker, Bill Payer, Bed Maker
C- Comforter, Chef, Cleaner, Corrections Officer, Cheerleader
D- Driver, Doctor, Dentist, Dress Maker, Decorator, Designer, Duster
E- Encourager, Engineer, Errand Runner
F- Friend, Furniture Arranger
G- Gardener, Grocery Shopper
H- Hand holder, Homemaker, Helpmate
I- Interpreter
J- Jack of all Trades
K- Kitchen C.E.O.
L- Lover, Laundry Manager
M- Missionary, Mama, Meal Planner, Mopper
N- Nurse, Night Watchman
O- Office Manager
P- Prayer Warrior, Party Planner, Play Mate
Q- Quilter
R- Recreation Consultant, Real Estate Seller/Buyer
S- Sweeper, Support System, Safety Controller
T- Teacher, Tear Wiper, Temperature Controller
U- Understanding Ear
V- Voice of Reason, Vacation Planner, Vacuumer
W- Waitress
X- X-Ray Technician (because we have all-seeing eyes)
Y- Yard Keeper
Z- Zealot {and sometimes we even feel like a Zookeeper!!!}

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