Sunday, May 12

The Stories of 5 Godly Women

1. Hannah—The Sorrow of Barrenness
Many women who want to have children or who want to have more children have been told by their doctors that this is impossible. A number of these women have asked me to pray for them, and I love to do so. After checking out the woman's ability to raise a Godly child, I say, “I will pray for you on one condition—that you send me a picture when the child is born.” I rejoice over the file that is filled with many such pictures. After prayer I explain to the wife that she must follow the example of Hannah. This means to put the matter of a child in God’s hands so that if He does give a child, she and her husband will dedicate the child to the Lord, and if God doesn’t give them a child, they will thank God for His perfect will. This removes the stress in the woman, which aids in conception. Hannah gave birth to Samuel, who taught the nation God’s way of life and anointed David to be king. David was a forefather to Jesus, Who changed the world.

2. Ruth—The Sorrow of Loneliness
Ruth was the wife of a man who died, leaving her a widow. She was away from her people and was told by her mother-in-law there was no chance of getting a husband. Therefore, she should go back to her country. However, Ruth demonstrated her faith in the God of Israel and her loyalty to Naomi and stated, “. . . Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God” (Ruth 1:16). The report of Ruth's loyalty and character spread and culminated in her marriage to Boaz. God honored Ruth by putting her in the line of Christ; she was the great-grandmother of David.

3. Rachel—Sorrow Over a Competing Woman
Women can be very mean to other women—especially when envy and competition are involved. There was strong competition between Rachel and Leah for the affection of Jacob. It was a continual sorrow in Rachel’s heart and even caused contention between Rachel and Jacob (Gen. 30:1-2). She gave her life to deliver Benjamin. It is from the tribe of Benjamin that the Apostle Paul was born, and it was through his efforts that the Gospel was brought to the Gentile world.

4. Eunice—Sorrow Over Lack of One Accord In Spiritual Matters
Eunice, who was a Jewess, married a Greek man. It is assumed that there was not a one-accord unity in regard to spiritual matters such as circumcision. Paul points out that Eunice was a Godly mother and a woman of faith, as was her mother, but says nothing about the faith of her husband. Eunice and Lois trained up Timothy to be a Godly young man. They cared for his frequent sicknesses, especially stomach problems (I Tim. 5:23). Believers told Paul how outstanding Timothy was. Eunice entrusted Timothy’s training and ministry to Paul, who taught Timothy how to be a major leader in the early Church that impacted the world.

5. My Mom!
In the last 18 years and 364 days I've put my mom through lot's of stress. From when I almost killed her giving birth to me (sorry mom!) to when I almost killed her as a student driver, she's been through the wringer. She's incredibly patient with me even though I'm the most stubbornly independent person in the world (no Cameron you're too young to do that). She's tasted the weird cooking creations, worn the ugly knitted scarves, hung the terrible artwork, and had Faith when I left college to live at home. She can't cook, but she can bake, sew, and love. She's an unwaveringly faithful and supportive wife to my Dad and a trusting mother to me. I test my mom's patience every day, but she gets an A. 

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