Friday, July 26

20 New Ways to Save Money

They say the first step to recovery is acceptance. So, here it goes: My name is Cameron and I'm a cheapskate. I'm the annoying person who puts back the shirt when it rings up at a higher price, refuses to buy bottled water, and calculates the per unit price at the grocery store.

I'm a cheapskate, but I also have a healthy bank account.

Therefore, I'm sharing 20 New Ways to Save Money that you probably never thought of.

saving money

1) Ditch paper napkins. If you make your own laundry detergent for $0.01 load, a family of six can save over $100 a year.

2) Clean your car's air filter and improve gas mileage by 7%.

3) Skip the expensive air filtration system and buy houseplants which purify the air naturally.

4) Make your own make-up with cornstarch, food coloring, and coconut oil. The average American woman spends $14,000 on make-up in her lifetime.

5) Buy size 5, 6, and 7 ladies shoes from the girls' department.

6) Ditch bottled water. In addition to the unknown toxins, the average American uses 167 bottles a yr.

7) Buy yogurt in bulk instead of individual packages. Or, make your own from milk in a crock pot.

8) Toilet train your cat. Yes, it's easy and the kit costs only $20. Save $120 a year on litter.

9) Forage! Dandelion leaves are edible.

10) Buy frozen juice for half the cost of bottled juice. Dilute to taste.

11) Save condiments from fast food restaurants: salt, pepper, sugar, mustard, ketchup, straws...

12) Buy bruised apples in bulk from a local orchard an dry, freeze, can, or make into applesauce.

13) Displace water in the toilet tank with a bottle of water.

14) Create a craft/gift/holiday closet and buy holiday themed items the year before on sale.

15) Run appliances at night.

17) Buy multi-season clothes and invest in tights, blazers, and scarves that transition outfits.

18) Skip or reduce children's allowances and replace with privileges (movie, skip a chore, etc.)

19) Shop the Dollar Store for foods, especially pasta, beans, rice, and canned goods.

20) Research DIY foods: mayo, bread, pesto, dressing, pie crust, yogurt, spaghetti sauce...


  1. please a note about buying food stuffs at the Dollar Store (and I love this store) but please take time to read the labels. Even in a big box store, you must be aware of where it came from. Other countries may not have the regulations and safety checks that we are accustomed to here. (and ours is flawed) May i suggest making your own pastas...

  2. oh and on the condiments from fast food joints....why eat fast food??!! Again, so much sugar and salts and fats. The honey from KFC is not honey. It has corn syrup in does catsup...

  3. I am not totally sure but has anyone ever seen Dollar Store organic food there? I haven't.

  4. Some of these are very good, and I thought I knew all the tricks! I particularly like the one regarding allowances and privileges. Wish I had that info when my children were younger. :)
    Debbie in Canada

  5. I do #5 all the time! Ever since a sales lady at Foot Locker told me that a woman's 7 is the same as a youth 5. I bought my NB running shoes and my Keen's sandals in youth sizes and saved over $20 on each over the price of the equivalent woman's shoe. The only one this didn't work for me on was TOMs, because the kids' shoes have soft rubber soles and cloth insoles, they do not hold up for very long at all, so it's worth spending more for the woman's size.

  6. This is AWESOME! I'm ashamed to admit I'd never thought of at least half of those mentioned! Thanks so much for linking this up with me last week at Walking Redeemed! I do hope you'll do it again!!

  7. I had no idea about the shoe sizes! Thanks :)

  8. The best use of Apples that are bruised or getting soft is to make apple butter. I used to get peaches ( to make peach butter) from a fruit stand stand that would take the bad ones out of baskets and keep them for me. I would pay about $2 for a bushel. Unfortunately with the price of food rising they quit getting very many at a time so that they wouldn't have the long enough for them to go bad so now I can,t get them anymore.

    Also if you know of older people who have fruit trees that they no longer tend you can ask them if you can pick them and offer to clean up the ones that have fallen as payment. Most are more than happy to let you.

  9. I am literally so cheap i wont even pay full price at a thrift store or rummage sale!
    I wish our feet were small enough to do that but no even my 11yo has to have women's shoes :( I do save a lot of money buying one really good pair of sneakers per person every year by shopping sales and going to whom ever is going to give me a discount or a bogo for buying more than 1 pair. Then the previous pair (I always buy a size big so they still fit) becomes play/work shoes dress shoes we rarely wear so we either borrow or buy at the thrift store same for winter boots. They are only worn in transit or when out in the snow. Adult feet that stay the same size get new ones when the old NEED replaced (I've had mine for 8 years and they are still comfy)
    I don't give allowances not do I buy my kids things they want but don't need (holiday and b-days aside) I DO have them earn it by doing extra chore or helping a neighbor etc that way they understand that things must be earned and it takes work to get what you want.
    We RARELY eat out but I do buy a huge local coupon book every year from a fundraiser and when we do eat out we use the bogo coupons that are in it for things like pizzas and subs, hubs keeps the fast food ones in his wallet in case he has to work too late to come home and eat or forgets lunch.
    Get rid of the junk food! Find healthier options you can make from pantry staples at home.
    Stock your pantry so you do not have to run out for stuff too often, noone ever just grabs milk and bread save yourself the gas and cash and make sure you buy enough the first time or go without until next time (I shop 1x a month and go out every 2 weeks for fresh items like milk, bread etc) I keep powdered milk as a backup.
    Get a freezer (standing is super nice) and stock it when there are fantastic meat sales!!! The cost of running even 2 freezers is way less than full priced meat over the year!!!
    Avoid useless purchases, buy reusable or convertable items when possible! Do you need a toddler bed when the crib could either be converted or the twin mattress set low instead?
    Stick with the least amount of vehicles possible! Hubs works full time, I'm a SAHM we do NOT need 2 cars, it would be nice but is not worth the expense. He takes the car when he needs to for work or has someone else drive him (it is an option for him most days) I keep my running to a minimum by limiting shopping days, combining dr appointments, and trying to make sure everything that needs to be done and all errands get run on a day I need to e out anyhow. Also learn to do as much for your vehicle on your own as you can and unless you're a bad driver or drive in an area prone to accidents lower your insurance as much as you can. And pay cash for your vehicles instead of interest sucking loans!!!
    Decide what is a need and what is a want, you need certain things to survive but most can cut back or downgrade and be just fine. We decided that Internet was our biggest "want" so we got rid of the cable and haven't missed it in 4 years.
    I am starting to ramble now but there are so many ways to make do or do without that save so much money!!! We dont have the extra to spend but even if we did I wouldn't change anything I would save it for retirement :)


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