Wednesday, July 17

Mother Teresa's Humility

mother teresa's humility, humility, pride

"A great man is always willing to be little."- R.W. Emerson

Humility is a command from God and perhaps the most essential feature in our relationship with Him. Mother Teresa's humility in thought, deed, and action stands as a witness to all young ladies.

While visiting the Vatican several years ago, the tour guide told us about Mother Teresa's humility when visiting the Pope. Apparently, she only owned one plain outfit of a white sari and sandals. An assistant to the Pope informed Mother Teresa that she must change clothes before seeing the Pope. She purportedly informed him that if her outfit was good enough for God, it was good enough for the Pope.

Mother Teresa had it right when it comes to humility. The opposite of humility, of course, is pride. What is the role of pride in our walk with Christ? Have you conquered pride? A special post on Pride will come later this week.

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