Thursday, July 25

The War with Pride

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I feel like I'm fighting a War with Pride. 

Each night, as I evaluate the sins and triumphs of the day and commit them to prayer, I look for the root of every sinful thought or behavior ("Take captive every thought.") This method of evaluating the day's weaknesses, looking for the root cause, and applying specific Scriptures to that quality has been of great encouragement to my prayer life. By addressing character qualities that I struggle with and knowing what Christ has to say on the matter, I can prevent the sinful cycle from continuing day after day. My wise father always said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." 

Every night, pride surfaces as the predominant, causal sin. Let's travel back to the Garden of Eden... wasn't pride Eve's sin? She didn't trust in God's command and considered herself to know better?

The War with Pride began in the Garden of Eden.  

No wonder we struggle with pride. Proverbs 16: 18 states, "Pride cometh before destruction." Pride, not fear, mistrust, hate, or greed.... but pride cometh before destruction. The war with pride rages on because pride is unlike many other sins... it sneaks its way like a snake into all parts of our lives. 

Pride that we know better than God.

Pride that we know better than our parents.

Pride that our mind rules above Law.

Pride that we have the right to judge others.

Pride that our way of dress, speech, worship, work, demeanor is better than our neighbors. 

The War with Pride rages on. But have no fear because Scripture speaks readily on pride. To combat pride, we must put our whole trust in Him and not the ways of reason, literature, culture, or the world. 

God wins the War with Pride. 

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  1. Visiting from the Missional Women Friday Link up! Beautifully written! We all struggle with pride; I thank you for your words as I have battled this one just this week. I pray blessings for you my blog friend!


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