Monday, July 8

Vision Forum's History of America Conference 2013

This weekend we enjoyed the fantastic History of America Mega-Conference in Harrisburg, PA. The conference lasted from Tuesday-Saturday but we only came for the final two days. I even got to wear my real vintage dresses! We enjoyed famous PA ice cream, period costumes and a variety of topics such as "The Decline of Puritanism in Colonial America", "Lessons from the Vietnam War", "The Great Lewis and Clark Expedition", "The Roaring Twenties", "John Winthrop and Patrick Henry", "A History of Education in America, and "The American Legacy" by such reformed evangelical speakers as Bill Potter, Scott Brown, Geoffrey Botkin, Henry Morris, and Doug Phillips. It was great to be among so many dominion-oriented, homeschooling families, modest dress, and young children. We can't wait for the National Center for Family Integrated Churches' "Worship of God" conference this fall!

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