Monday, August 5

Low-Poo Method

After years of trying literally dozens of shampoos, I was exhausted. My crazy, meant-for-the-80's wavy-curly-super-thick hair had been through more shampoos and conditioners than ice cream flavors at a Bryer's factory. Then, after realizing the health drawbacks of putting chemicals directly on my scalp (where they absorb directly into the bloodstream) I looked for a better option.

First, I tried the 'no-poo method' which consists of water and baking soda. As it turns out, the 'no-poo method' worked like, well, poo. My hair seemed oily even though I washed at least daily. But I still wanted a low-chemical, affordable method so I turned to the 'low-poo method' that so many were raving about... and it works! Not only is this recipe healthier, but it's cheaper!

"Low-Poo Method Shampoo Recipe" 

  • 2 oz. Dr. Bronner's pure castille soap (found at target near Burt's Bees in make-up/body section)
  • 4-5 oz. water
  • 1/4 teaspoon carrier oil (I use almond oil)
  • essential oils or herb infused water

"Low-Poo Method Conditioner Recipe"

  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • mix and spritz hair after washing 

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  1. I've heard people swear by the no poo method, but yours sounds more reasonable to me.
    Thanks for this healthy recipe.

  2. Hello, I also do not like the methods for the chemical free shampoo! I did have a person who knows his stuff told me shampoo is eally not on your hair long enough to enter your blood stream. But he told me that body lotion was a different story. So I have always only used natural lotions. But I may just try the Bronner's soap sometime soon.
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I have been a fan of Dr. Bronner's for years but this method still leaves my hair oily but your post has me wondering if I research a crème rinse recipe maybe that will solve the problem. TY

  4. The trick to no-poo is *NOT* to wash daily. Your body adjusts to produce less oil when you aren't stripping it off daily. This works for regular shampoo, too - switch to shampooing every second or third (or fourth...) day and your body naturally produces less oil. You get healthier hair that looks "clean" far longer than if you shampoo it every day, and I can attest from years of experience. Same for no-poo. There's a few weeks of initial adjustment, but nothing a ponytail or two won't solve. Hope this helps.

  5. I've switched to Dr.Bronner's, but I'm using the lavender bar - and I LOVE it! I'm only in the early stages, but there has been no adjustment necessary. I am thinking of doing a lavender/acv rinse, too.

    Once been struggling with itchy scalp for months (hence the recent switch), & had tried other ways to relieve it. The no-poo method (tried it years ago) just didn't work for me, at all. Since I've been in love with Dr.Bronner's for years, so I don't know why it never occurred to me to use for my hair. So, here it is, the middle of the summer, I haven't washed my hair in four days. FOUR DAYS!! You'd think my hair would be gross, but actually, it looks great, & my stepson hugged me this afternoon, & said my hair smells good! I can also tell you that much of the itch is relieved. Not gone completely, but, that's why I'm thinking about the rinse. I'm willing to bet, that will be all it takes.

  6. thanks for this. was needing a shampoo recipe to try. hope this works for my knee length hair.

  7. I am so going to try this! I've wanted to go the no-poo route for years, but always chicken out!
    For those with oily hair, I put my hair in a bun or ponytail. then i have a mixture of cornstarch and cocoa powder(I have brown hair) and I put it on my bangs. It takes the oily look right out!

  8. i've been using this recipe for a few weeks on my knee length hair. I also use baking soda followed by a white vinegar rinse. the baking soda seems to help with the greasiness until your scalp adjusts and quits over producing oil. my hair was still pretty tangly though, so I put conditioner on the back and down the length, let it soak for 2 minutes, than rinse with luke warm water. let it air dry overnight, never brush when wet and my normally tangly hair is now smooth and silky:) I think i'm adjusting to this, because my hair hasn't been as quick to get greasy and flat.


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