Friday, September 6

5 Easy DIY Learning Crafts

Preschool in a flip book! I laminated the alphabet, shapes, numbers through 12, days of the week, weather, 5 senses, and basic addition. Everything the kiddos need to know for Kindergarten.

Magazine cutout "I Spy" in protect protectors. A fun game for car rides!

"Cats and Shapes" lapbook with printing practice and nursery rhyme copy work.


 Letter A printing practice and word recognition.

This traveling felt cutout board took less than an hour to make. I glued a white piece of felt to a folder and the felt clothes just stick right on!


  1. Even my 8 year old would love the felt dress up doll :) Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  2. LOVE the felt dolls ideas! We may have to try that.

    Stopping by from Wisdom Wednesday.


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