Saturday, September 14

How to Deal with Critics, Revilers, and Negative Nellies

Long before I chose to leave college and accept God's (crazy) plan for my life, I experienced more than my fair share of revilers- best friends' betrayal, slander, gossip, and simple criticism. Little did I know that these revilers were given by God to prepare me for the many years of criticism to come. As many Christians leading a counter-cultural lifestyle know, criticism abounds like fleas on Noah's ark. Sticks and stones make break your bones, but words cut straight to the heart. How do we cope with revilers? Do we explain the truth? Fight for our integrity? Remain silent?

I subscribe to the Institute in Basic Life Principles' Daily Success emails and one day Bill Gothard offered his ebook, "The Rewards of Being Reviled" for free to subscribers. Little did I know how much this short ebook would transform how I look at revilers past and present. I encourage everyone to read this book- if you're leading a Christian life, you've encountered criticism or slander at least once. This ebook, which can be read in under two hours, offers gripping real-like tips for coping with revilers alongside spiritual support. It's now located in the top 10 most influential books in my Christian walk. *Check out my "Rewards of Being Reviled SparkNotes."

  • Reviling others is a serious, poisonous sin
  • How to neutralize the poison of reviling
    • Verbally bless the reviler (call them up and thank them for the reviling!)
    • Receive the blessings given by the reviler (were you forced to examine your conscience? why did God send you the reviler?
    • Employ the Word of God
    • Cry out to God in good courage and thank Him
  • Just as God tested Job, criticism can act as a test from God- how will you pass the test?
    • Die to your own reputations
    • See revilers as God's messengers
    • Rejoice and curse the bitterness sent from the Devil
    • Triumph through good works
  • Remember that God rewards the reviled ten-fold! 

*(this information is now my own and belongs to the Institute in Basic Life Principles).


  1. Hi Cameron! I am coming over from Wholehearted Wednesday.

    What a great little list to refer to, when feeling attacked. I am so sorry that you have come under so much scrutiny! We all make our decisions the best way that we can. Why be hurtful?

    It's hard to keep silent, but that is what Jesus did. Good enough for him is good enough for me!

    Nice to meet you today!

  2. Good Morning Cameron...I am really liking your blog!! I could spend an hour here but will just HAVE to come back as time allows. I found this post to be such an encouragement this morning. I used to get that daily email from IBLP but I don't think I ever read that e-book. I should. Have a wonderfully blessed day!!

    1. Thanks for coming by! Glad you enjoyed looking around.

  3. Hi Cameron, stopping by from Encourage One Another. I am really interested to read this book, thank you for the recommendation. Have a blessed day. Tara.


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