Tuesday, October 22

10 Tips for Modern Modest and Thrifty Shopping

Scripture calls us to strive for thriftiness and modesty:

"Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man's dwelling, but a foolish man devours it."

"Likewise women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control."

Given that most 'trendy' clothing is rather revealing, it's rather easy not to get sucked in by high priced off-the rack  clothing. But is it really that easy...? The modest and frugal shopper faces the challenges of limited 'trendy' selection, limited availability, and limited sizing. There's the additional challenge of summer heat and dryer shrinkage.

10 Tips for Modern Modest and Thrifty Shopping

1) Will this trend go out of style in the next year?

2) How often will I wear this?

3) Will this item fit me in 5 years and through multiple life stages?

4) Aim for 5 years shirt wearage and 10 years for skirts/dresses.

5) Will this item work through multiple seasons? (Try to buy items that work through 3 seasons)

6) If the item is slightly tight at the store, IT WILL ALWAYS SHRINK! Buy big.

7) Choose solid colors and timeless fabrics (denim and khaki). 

8) Wal-Mart often has $5 solid colored T-shirts and leggings throughout Spring and Summer.

9) Shop thrift stores, church thrift stores, and clothing swaps with friends.


  1. Thinking ahead 5 years is a great way to consider clothing.... I do that now and teach it to my children. As they grow, they are seeing how Mom's clothes are worn for more than one season... I pray God uses that wisdom to help me guide them in their future.

  2. Good post! I love seeing this kind of advise in blog-land. I agree whole heartedly with every one of your points.

  3. Very nice tips. I just today discovered your blog and have been on here for ten minutes reading back posts. Will be visiting again for sure.


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