Thursday, October 17

A Dangerous Book: Revolution in World Missions

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon a Christian charity. Thankfully, international Christian charities are plentiful. For several years we sponsored and gifted through World Vision. On the website of this new Christian charity I ordered their free book, "Revolution in World Missions."

What I didn't expect was for this book to change my life, my perspective on evangelizing, and my patterns of charitable donation. This is a dangerous book that will force your to re-evaluate everything you've ever believed about world missions.

After ordering the book, I forgot about it, but a few days later when it showed up in the mail I couldn't put it down. Few Christian books are so grippingly convincing. Reading this book's revolutionary ideas about world missions was like unveiling the most common-sense, yet never thought of solution to a problem.

At this point, you're probably wondering what could be so great, so 'new', so fantastic as to warrant an unsolicited advertisement from an unknown corner of the blogosphere. The book "Revolution in World Mission" is written by Y.P. Yohannas and forms the foundation of Gospel for Asia's mission doctrine.

Here's a summary: Supporting pioneering, native missionaries in India and the 40/40 corridor with the primary goal of spreading the Gospel. A bowl of rice feeds a stomach for a day, but the Gospel feeds the soul for eternity. You wouldn't put a bandaid on a gun shot wound would you!? Most current support for int'l missionaries goes to Westerner missionaries supporting churches already in existence or for humanitarian projects for poverty, hunger, or health. Did you know that it costs 50-80K a year to support a Western missionary but 1/11th that for a native missionary? Native missionaries know the language, culture, community, and political situation.

GFA does a Christmas catalog, missionary sponsorship, and a Gospel centered child sponsorship program. After years of giving through World Vision, I've found Gospel for Asia's pricing for animals to be half the price. Also, they promise that 100% of your gift goes to what you intent (not for overhead costs). 

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  1. So interesting...I have often wondered when attending our General Conferences and big church meetings why we still have American missionaries in places like Mexico? What would be the point? Surely the nationals can handle it by now can't they? I am not being sarcastic at all, I appreciate the foundation laid by the missionaries, I spent 15 months in Eastern Europe recently as a missionary starting house churches and loved every minute of it. I hope to go back! But I agree the expense is unbelievable. So many developed countries especially could benefit if we would turn it over to the nationals and we could focus our monies elsewhere. Great post!


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