Wednesday, November 13

Expounded Reasons for Modesty (in and out of Worship)

We had such a fruitful time at the Worship of God Conference- each member of the family received instruction in areas of weakness. Several spoke implicitly and explicitly on modesty in and out of worship. There are simply hundreds of biblical 'reasons' for modesty and I can't wait to share the many that our speakers so eloquently expounded...

  • Without distraction- we should be wholly focused on God, not distracted (ourselves, or others) by lust or vanity
  • Inner Heart- what we wear reveals our inner heart, conscience and convictions
  • Symbolic- attire is a a symbol of our inner feelings (pride and vanity or God-honoring shamefacedness)
  • Modesty = Honesty- what you see is what you get- if you want to send the message to others that you're worldly, sexually open, and vain, then dress one way, but if you want to reveal love for brothers in Christ, chasteness, and purity, then dress another way
  • Showing skin is distracting!
  • Shamefacedness- we should have a reverence for our brothers- would you want your brother to be around a young lady dressed in a certain way?
  • Evidence of Conversion- we aren't naturally modest, so modesty demonstrates to the Lord that we honor Him more than the world's ways and our sinful heart
  • Point to God- our clothing should allow others to focus on Him instead of distracting them with shiny jewelry or plentiful skin
  • The dress of Christians should be different than the world because we are different- we're saved by Grace and have repented of the way's of the world
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.- Romans 12:2

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