Friday, November 15

How Are We to Worship God?

How are we to worship God? 

Personal conclusions from the NCFIC Worship of God Conference.

It seems Christians fight over everything- bible translations, length of skirt, music selection, denomination, church leadership, school choice...

Perhaps it's because most Christians hold such deep convictions. This is a good thing, but it can prevent us from reaching unbelievers. Unbelievers watch professing Christians carefully, waiting for them to make a mistake. As you know, we do make mistakes! We're hypocrites, liars, thieves, idolators, gossipers...

Like most other issues of faith, we fight over the 'right' way to worship. There is a 'right' way to worship: the biblical way! So for the sake of brevity, unity, and posterity, I've compiled my (personal) top 5 guidelines for worship which I mostly gleaned from the conference.

We are to Worship...

  1. According to Scripture
  2. With reverence and solemnity
  3. With modesty (in actions and dress)
  4. Avoiding methods wich appeal to the flesh or come from the world
  5. Realizing that unbelievers are watching us for signs of dissension and hypocrisy 

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