Friday, November 1

Reflecting on the Road Less Travelled

Over a year ago now I left selfish dreams of a 'Christ-honoring' career for the Biblically fruitful path of home life. I personally knew no one who forwent a 'bright' future of higher education, career, and income. To the world, I spit upon my parents' hard work, decades of fighting for women's 'rights', and my own pride. To my educationally elite circle of friends, my decision was simply unheard of, backwards, and simply dumb. And to my family, well, they feared the worst...

"She's joined a cult."
"She's a late bloomer."
"She'll decide to go to graduate school."
"It's just a phase."
"So are you Amish?"

After receiving such clear and distinct direction from the Lord regarding my role in a Biblical family, I was hesitant to take on new tasks. Under the watchful authority of my father, I reluctantly decided to finish my schooling online. In only 6 weeks, I will finish a fruitful and challenging year-long process that his fatherly wisdom brought about. While the Lord did not bless me with siblings, His Divine Providence has positioned special opportunities and people in my life to train me for the future. 

The last month as a homeschooling shepherd to 3 children has blessed my life in infinite ways. Most days, they train me more than I train them. Not only am I honing skills in homeschooling, child training, home management, and discipline, but I'm honing the methods the Lord has convicted me to use with my children one day. My struggles with them prompt me to read books and resources so that in the end, I'm more knowledgeable than before. It's not a job, it's an opportunity to bless a family that has special circumstances. I may be a 'daughter at home' (whatever that means), but I'm not always at home. 

Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

I'm thankful Christ revealed the road less travelled. I'm thankful I chose it. But most importantly, I'm thankful for all the bumps along the way.

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