Wednesday, December 11

Day 1 of Busy Bag Series

Hopefully this series on busy bags/quiet bags will offer some afternoon solace for anyone with little ones too old to nap, but a need for afternoon quiet time to accomplish something. After assessing the materials I had and conquering the Dollar Store, Five Below, and craft store, I compiled my resources...

Many of the resources I found online were for younger children, so I put together some new ideas. Pictured above are dominoes, educational magnets, play coins, magnifying glass, stickers, puzzles, memory game, candy canes, sticker books, dry erase Elmo letter practice, magnetic letters/numbers, and dry erase board.

The busy bags I'll be highlighting in the next few weeks are for a 61/2 year old girl during a 2 hour period, however they also work for her 5yo sister.

Day 1: cookie sheet magnetic letters, dominoes, memory game, rubix cube, coloring, book
She loved the dominoes (borrowed from Grandma:) and the rubix cube (shout out to anyone who actually played with them when they came out)!

For more quiet time/busy bag ideas for 'older' ones check out my quiet time Pinterest board and post on DIY education crafts.

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