Sunday, December 8

My Personal Devotionals

It seems everybody has a different way of doing their devotionals, but I just wanted to share how I've been doing them lately, with great enjoyment and success.

First, I read the Proverb of the day (there are 31).

Second, I read 5 Psalms (there are approx. 150 so I go in order and repeat every month).

Third,  after finding that Proverbs and Psalms wasn't quite enough, I read a 'letter' a day (starting in 1 Colossians and moving through 2 Colossians, Timothy, Romans, etc.)

Fourth, IBLP's Commands of Christ series is great! After finishing the Basic Seminar (highly recommended- a life changer- subscribe to Embassy Institute for $10 a month) the Commands of Christ series is simply great. There are 7 'books' that cover the 49 commands of Christ. I've been doing a command a week, and that works out well.

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