Wednesday, January 15

A Daughter at Home's Conversations with Strangers

Conversation with a stranger- 1 year ago:

"So how's college going, Cameron?"

"Well, something really surprising happened while away at college... the Lord clearly put on my heart to leave college and return home to serve my family."

"Oh...ok. Well you gotta do what makes you happy."

"Actually it wasn't a matter of me being unhappy, but understanding and embracing the beautiful roles God clearly sets out in Scripture."

"So what are you going to be doing? Of course you can always take a semester off."

"That's true. At some point I might return to my studies in a different format, but for know I"ll focus on helping the family business, my grandparents, volunteering, and preparing for the future."

"Um...that's interesting"

Conversation with a stranger (possibly the same one) - today:

"So how's college going Cameron? What are you now, a sophomore?"

"Well actually I just finished online through Liberty University?"

"Finished! Completely finished?! What is your degree in?"

"Early childhood education."

"So have you gotten a job at a preschool."

"Actually I'm a part time nanny to 3 little ones- they keep me busy!"

"Oh... well you can always decide to teach."

"I help their mother homeschool as well as helping my parents with our business."

"I'm sure your Dad appreciates the help, but your parents want you to have your own life."

"Yes, but I believe God calls us to first serve our families and prepare for the roles he's outlined in Scripture."


Do not be discouraged if you are living our choices different that the culturally condoned ones - every step we make toward Christ shines a light for others to see. Do not despair!

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