Tuesday, January 28

Cam's Complete (?) List of Domestic Skills

Does anyone have anything else to suggest?

  • canning, preserving, and drying
  • cold storage and root cellars
  • bread
  • cheese, yogurt, butter
  • vegetable gardening and how to store the harvest
  • cakes, candies, and pies
  • crockpot use
  • basic casseroles
  • repertoire of 20+ meals
  • herb gardening
  • how to read a recipe
  • using kitchen equipment (blender, food processor, broiler, knives, etc.)
  • making and serving specialty drinks (especially for guests) including tea from herbs
  • foraging/edible plants
Money Management
  • meal planning
  • couponing
  • single-income budgeting
  • herbal alternatives to drugs
  • debt free-living and the biblical rationale
  • DIY/eco friendly cleaning solution
  • laundry
  • deep cleaning/seasonal cleaning
  • organizing for the large family
  • food storage and purchase for the large family
  • removing stains
  • a homeschool philosophy
  • sticking to a schedule
  • how to cloth diaper
  • nutrition basics
  • prenatal and early life care including natural childbirth and breastfeeding
  • basic first aid
  • how to play an instrument or at the least to know read music (so as to teach your children)
  • alternatives to canned baby food
The Home/General
  • hospitality
  • flower arranging
  • how to sew
    • buttons and buttonholes
    • hemming
    • reading a pattern
    • making an apron, pillowcase, and dishtowel
  • emergency preparedness
  • knitting and crocheting the basics (scarves, hats, socks, blankets, potholders)
  • embroidery and needlepoint basics
  • proper correspondence
  • proper etiquette
  • homesteading skills such as milking, bee keeping, chickens, goats, etc.
Also check out this great video on No Greater Joy's YouTube Channel as a companion to "Preparing to Be a Help Meet"


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  2. That's an extensive list. Well done.


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