Friday, January 10

Easy Sew Apron from Old Skirt

This apron has a history... first it started as a dress bought off the Kohl's sales rack. All white and lower cut in the front than anticipated, it sat in the back of my closet for over a year until I decided to cut the top off and make it into a skirt. After several wears, the skirt seemed too small, and once again, it was placed in the closet for another year. Finally, I decided the beautiful eyelets and pleats would be perfect for a classic apron.

The entire project took under an hour, the most time consuming part was making the apron string from scratch. So if you have pre-made apron string, the entire project shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

1) Cut from top to bottom a complete slit, removing any zippers or hooks if present. Cut to desired length if you want the apron to be shorter than the skirt.

2) Pin the rough edges.

3) Sew the edges you just hemmed.

4) Attach an apron string using ric-rac stitching, going back and forth so it's secure.

5) Done!

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