Monday, January 27

Majoring in Domestic Arts and Minoring in Street Smarts

After going back to Charleston to visit my former roommate I started thinking about what Homemaking might look like if it were a college major. Today's culture views homemaking as somehow less worthy than a career, and fails to comprehend the variety of tasks associated with cultivating a Godly home. As a daughter at home, these years are spent studying the skills so neglected by higher education today. Furthermore, many mothers completely neglect to teach their daughters these skills!

P. S. Thanks to my mom for teaching me these things.

So I had a little fun and came up with what "Domestic Arts" might look like as a college major...

Required Coursework
Devotions and Daily Living
Single-Income Budgeting and Practical Finance
Health and Nutrition for the Large Family
Herbal Healing and Affordable Remedies
Vegetable Gardening the Easy Way
Eco-Friendly Cleaning on a Budget
Large Family Scheduling: When the children outnumber the days
Emergency Preparedness: Hurricanes, Tornados, Blizzards, and Nuclear Fallout
Interior Design on a Budget
Sewing 101: Buttonholes, Pillow Slips, Skirts, and More
Homeschooling the Multi-Age Family: Tips, Tricks, and Tried-and-True Curriculum
Laundry Techniques for the Large Family
Child Training the Biblical Way
Baking without Breaking: Candies, Pies, Cakes, and More

Elective Coursework
Cultural Apologetics and Biblical Worldview
Handicrafts 101: Embroidery, Needlepoint, Felting, and Rugmaking
Homesteading 101: Milking, Bread Making, Canning
Homesteading 201: Raising Small Cattle, Basic Butchering, and Fruit Trees
Knitting and Crocheting for the Practical Woman
Modesty in an Immodest World
Love Languages, Personality Tests, and Finding a Life Partner
Crockpots, Casseroles, and Couponing: Feeding the Large Family on a Small Budget
Natural Childbirth in an Unnatural World
Hospitality 101: Preparing for Planned and Unplanned Guests
The Art of Correspondence and Calligraphy
The First Year: Caring for a Baby
Crafting a Hope Chest
Quilts and Afghans 101

Be sure to check out "Plain and Not So Plain" free curriculum on home economics!


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