Monday, February 10

Busy Bag Follow-Up Ideas

So I know I finished the busy bag series a few weeks ago, but finding/making items is a constant process. Below are some new favorites!

By the way, we use busy bags for afternoon quiet time (about 2 hrs for the 5yo and 6yo). Sometimes they sleep and sometimes they don't, but either way the bag keeps them occupied.

Gel writing bags: $1 hair gel, baggie, tape for edge reinforcement

 Mini legos ($1)

DIY Popsicle puzzles: glue a picture to the back of popsicle sticks then cut and attach magnets 

Beads and Pipe Cleaner Craft

 Pretend Coins ($1)

Dominoes from an old game set

Check out the rest of the busy bag series and my Quiet Time Pinterest board.

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