Friday, February 28

Learning New Skills #2

Things have been quite busy around our household! I just finished designing our family's company website and sewing my first quilt!

1) Quilting 101. It's hard to tell, but the fabric has adorable little owls. Altogether the 45'' x 60'' quilt took about 8 hours and cost about $20 dollars. I used 3 fat quarters, 2 packages of bias tape, and scrap fabric.

2) Reading The Backyard Homestead's Guide to Raising Farm Animals. I really enjoyed this book, particularly learning about raising ducks and rabbits.

3) How to cure a cold with herbal remedies. Feeling a terrible cold coming on I tried "Fire Water" as found in "Being Your Own Doctor." True to the name, "Fire Water" (which utilizes cayenne pepper) is EXTREMELY HOT. It did, however, reduce the cold to a mere sore throat for several days.

4) Dehydrating the last of the carrots from our garden. In the fall we planted a row of carrots and stored them in the ground all winter along with the turnips. Anticipating Spring planting, we dug up the final carrots and dehydrated them in 2 batches. About 3 pounds of carrots yielded 1 cup of dehydrated carrots!

For more information on dehydration, I enjoyed this book. It provides easy to reference charts and some great recipes that aren't available online.

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  1. Aw, the quilt is adorable! Very nicely done :). I'd love to quilt some day... I sew to a small extent, but, though quilting has been on my list since I was about nine, I've just never found the time to make one, although I've read/watched about it a good bit and watched Mommy make a good number :).
    And dehydrating is great! It's an easy way to take fruits on a trip :). Dehydrated watermelon is soooo yummy, but you get maybe a cup of melon after the water is out of it... it was aptly named "water"melon, that's for sure ;).


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