Thursday, February 6

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As Debi Pearl says in her book, the season of singleness (for men and women) can either be seized or squandered. Just as a young man wouldn't want to marry a silly, lazy girl, a young woman wouldn't want to marry a young man who spent his single years with little thought to the future.

Sometimes I imagine life as a big camping trip. If you've ever been camping, you know that the preparation is just as important as the actual trip. Without the right supplies, knowledge, and mindset, the trip could be a disaster. Raising a family is much like the actual camping trip. There are so many areas in which to prepare… not least is the plethora of domestic skills. A strong relationship with God is the cornerstone of that trip- the backpack, if you will, in which all else is held. If a young woman cannot learn to be content in her single years how on earth will she be content in marriage. Now I speak on this matter not as an expert by any means (because it's something I deal with daily), but as a reminder.

For me, being content is knowing that God gave me this period of time as an essential period of preparation. 

What are some ways to prepare, you might ask. Well, personally I enjoy reading books on subjects that will be useful for the future. Below are some that I've recently read and would recommend.

Just in Case by Kathy Harrison (available at Bulk Herb Store) by the Pearls

a dense read, but a good reference

rather costly, but worth it ( 

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