Friday, March 14

Being Thankful for Trials

I often wish I hadn't gone to public schools. I often wish I didn't go away to college. But then I think, "Would I believe what I believe today without those experiences?"

The 6 year old I nanny for asked me yesterday, "Why do we have tornadoes?"

"…God makes them for a reason."

"But why?"

"There are lots of mysteries that God gives us…but he has a reason."

In her 6-year-old way she accepted that answer with child-like faith. As adults, we question everything God puts us through: why this? why now? why not that? why not this way? complain…worry… question...

We may discover the reason(s) for why God puts us through certain experiences in a few days, weeks, or decades afterwards. As I currently go through a difficult situation with the family I work for part-time I remember past trials and God's divine hand.

For instance, in the frequently brutal rat race of high school I began participating in an extracurricular activity. I didn't search for the activity, but a teacher approached me out-of-the-blue to participate (by the way, nothing is really "out-of-the-blue" because He has a hand in it). This politics related activity genuinely interested me so I agreed.

…long story short, this activity turned into an immense trial: my reputation and character were destroyed by people I considered best friends, friendships were lost, and deceitfully selfish ambitions were revealed. At the time I had no idea what the Lord would teach me from these trials, but it turns out that from this seemingly hopeless, pointless situation, the Lord brought me 3 amazing things!

First, all but one of my closest friends I met from this extracurricular activity! Without getting involved in this activity mid-way through high school, I wouldn't have the friends I have today.

Second, because of the way my resume credentials and reputation were (falsely) tarnished I ended up going to a college that I probably wouldn't have gone to otherwise. But it was at this college that God led me straight back to Him!

Third, it was directly due to this activity that I first learned about homeschooling. Months later, God would use this homeschooling 'door' to lead me to other 'rooms'. The convictions I hold today are a direct result of going through this trial! 

Talking to people who went through this trial with me, they often try to sympathize with me or even say mean things about the people who hurt me, but I am thankful for the trial!

Scripture says to give thanks in everything because everything God makes is perfect and he is all powerful! If we think He doesn't have control of what we go through, we are sadly mistaken.

So as I go through this current trial, I know that God is using it for something in the future. Granted, I have no idea what it is yet, but I can't wait to find out! We must have complete faith that "everything He does, He does well", "give thanks in everything", and "do everything without murmuring or complaining."


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    1. Cameron, this was an excellent post, full of truth and personal conviction, for sure! I'll admit, that, though the past 21 months have been some of the hardest I've ever experienced (though this last month has been the easiest so far, and I *am*, probably rather selfishly, hopeful that it stays that way, if the Lord wills), I'm already seeing good coming out of them, as well. A friend is going through, much the same boat we were, right now, and she's told me how grateful she is to know we survive, for one, haha :). I have had ministry opportunities that I wouldn't have gained in SC, and we've all definitely grown through the refinement! It may have been hard, but if you step back and look at it it in full, it's also been good. And you have been a great blessing, to have a friend here in VA so earlier on was much more than I was hoping for, and a big blessing :)! I'll definitely be praying for you as you work through these things!
      My Mom went through a trial that seemed to have no reason when she was twelve. Some things happened at her church, and her parent's left it... that was hard for her, she wanted to stay, but through the church that they then joined, she met one of her friends, who lost touch with her, and then found her on facebook about eight years later. Her oldest daughter and I started to write, and some time later, we started reading through the bible in three months together, and, kind of unplanned, we became each others accountability partners from then on. She is such a blessing! She lives *sooo* far away, and she has always hated that, but if she had lived in SC, then leaving would have been much harder for me. But, as it was, she was even more of an encouragement to me during those first few months here, because our friendship didn't change at all, since we had already learned how to carry it on long distance, something some of my SC friends had to figure out for the fist time, heehee! It is so amazing to me to think that Mommy's trial when she was twelve, brought me such a blessing when I was thirteen!


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