Wednesday, March 26

Controversial Thoughts on Recent Controversies: Part 3 of 5

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Can we trust the teachings of man who has committed serious sin? 

There seems to be to 'camps' of thought on this issue: one camp says that we should abandon the sinner and their ministry while another camp says to stay. I don't really fall in either camp, and here's why:

A) If their teachings weren't founded on Scripture in the first place, then we needn't 'follow' them anyway, and

B) We're all hypocritical sinners, so to say that we should ignore teachings (assuming they're biblically based) because the teacher is a sinner doesn't make since!

Oftentimes scandal prompts us to re-evaluate someone's teachings---- but this is a good thing! Everything we read, hear, or see should be evaluated through a biblical worldview. "Christian" teachings can often be the most dangerous because we let our guard down.

If we were to ignore any preacher, or evangelist, or teacher, or author because they're a sinner, then we couldn't go to church, read, or even follow the instruction of our parents. Everyone sins every day. I believe a key in understanding the character of a sinner like Bill Gothard is understanding his heart on the matter. It concerns me that he hasn't repented, let alone confessed. 

Remember that Jesus is the only sinless being, and his teachings alone are for us to follow.

In summary

Should we throw out all the teachings of Mr. Gothard?   No.
Should we re-evaluate with fresh eyes ALL of his teachings through Scripture?   Yes.
Should unrepentant sinners lead others in Spiritual matters?   No.
Should we chew the meat and spit out the bones?   Yes.
Should families stay with an organization that refuses to take appropriate action?   Probably Not.

It's yet to be seen how IBLP/ATI will respond to the scandal. In the 80's they certainly failed to take appropriate action.

I encourage you to check out this interesting video.


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  2. I agree with your analysis here Cameron. Well thought out!


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