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Femininity and Modesty in Dress

Repost from March 2013- please see bottom of post for new content.

** CAUTION: I am in no way condemning anyone who wears pants. In fact, the 2 most Godly and faithful women in my life wear mostly pants. The following are my personal convictions and reflections. Salvation does not rely upon clothing!

Sometimes friends or family ask me why I almost only wear skirts. The answer isn’t one reason, or even a conviction that hardened over one day. The decision took place over many months, many hours of reflection, and many hours of prayer. In a world where sweatshirts, pajamas, and slippers are the norm, I get told quite a lot, “You’re all dressed up” or “Fancy!” or my (least) favorite (from Grandma), “Headed out to meet the boyfriend.” 

Cultural standards of dress and femininity have gotten so low that even the most well meaning of us have come to believe that what used to be casual attire is now considered “fancy.” Yes, I wear pants for gardening, working, etc. but can’t wait to get out of them because I’m so uncomfortable. Here are the main reasons I choose to wear skirts.

1) Females are called to be outwardly feminine. Skirts show that not I’m trying to be a man, and that I embrace my God-given femininity. Yes, it's possible to be feminine in pants, but one must then wear loose pants in order to be modest, which usually leads to a more frumpy and masculine look.

2) Modesty is a virtue valued in Scripture. 1 Timothy 2:9-15, "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel.” Modesty can be achieved in pants, but one must find very loosely fitting pants that are often hard to find in stores. I value my brothers in Christ and appreciate their modesty also. Thanks for not wearing tight shirts, tank tops, or short shorts.

3) Skirts are often more affordable than pants. If they shrink in the wash, you can continue to wear them, or give them to someone of a smaller size. Pants are much more difficult to size and buy. Skirts can also be worn longer during pregnancy than pants. The fabric can be re-used for sewing projects. Also, skirts are more common at thrift stores and easier to size second-hand.

4) Skirts are a versatile piece of the wardrobe- you can easily dress up or dress down a skirt. With pants, you have either casual (corduroy or jeans) or dress pants.

5) Skirts are more comfortable than pants!

6) Skirts crossover seasons! I have several skirts and dresses of medium weight, length, and color that I can wear during all 12 months with or without tights. This way I replace need ¼ less clothing than the average woman. For instance, a sundress works alone during the summer, but with a long sleeve-T, boots, and tights, it can be worn during winter. 

Final Notes (March 2014)

  • Avoid the trap of legalism! A skirt on a girl no more dresses up an ugly Spirit than lipstick on a pig! Salvation does not hinge on any one act, thought, or item of clothing.
  • Don't undervalue the effect of dress on the minds of brothers. My best friend is a guy- now I could easily wear yoga pants and other 'easier' clothes around him, but I LOVE HIM MORE THAN THAT! Just as I appreciate him not going shirtless, I try to dress with his God-given desires in mind. God gave us certain desires for a reason-- it's Satan who hijacks them for evil. Don't give Satan a foothold in the minds of brothers in Christ.
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  1. Great post! Cassie and I don't wear pants either but so far we haven't tackled the 'pants vs. skirts' issue on our blog. You've mastered it wonderfully here! ;-)

  2. Thanks! It's a such a hard issue because it really has nothing to do with our salvation, yet there are strong convictions on both sides (myself included).

  3. Great post! I wear skirts almost all the time, not because I think I'll be "saved" by it, but because the moment I started to pray about it, God sent me a very strong "Yes!"
    Also because it's easier to hide braces under them...but that's just an added bonus.

  4. Cameron,thank you for your thorough expanation which I can tell my cousins if need be.Our family is Independent Babtist,(although today the youth is slowly going to the wrong side.I as well only wear skirts and have all my life.You are an encouragment to me.Thank you.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it! The Modest Mom Blog and Fresh Modesty Blogs are great encouragement as well.

  6. I love your outlook on this subject, and your non-judgmental attitude towards it. Wonderful thoughts, I agree with you in ALL of them!

  7. I can't believe I finally found someone how sees things they way I do. Keep strong and dress the way you feel best represents yourself!!

  8. I wear only long skirts and dresses because of this same conviction. I am not to dress like a man, but to be modest and feminine, respectful of those around me. I find pants to be immodest, revealing that place of the body that men like to look at, so it should be veiled by a skirt, much as a vest, jacket or capelet can veil a fitting top. It isn't fitting to show our parts as we aren't here to sell ourselves and seduce. Modesty is beautiful, comfortable, and flattering. It is becoming and fitting for a tender heart before God.

  9. Love this -- as a lifelong male-to-female crossdresser I also believe in modest feminine dressing as well, and I wear mostly skirts and dresses.


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