Monday, March 31

Modest and Affordable Swimwear

I wouldn't be a member of the Christian blogging community if I didn't do a post on modest swimwear. But this post will be different- I'll show you practical, affordable, and modern swimwear options.

Tip #1: Use athletic-wear. It's the same material used for swimsuits.
Tip #2: Shop off season
Tip #3: Shop the athletic section clearance racks. Stores are constantly trying to off-load athletic wear that didn't sell well (usually solid colors in basic designs)

The components of a modest swimsuit-- all (available in the clearance rack of stores like Target, Dick's, or Wal-Mart for <$10)

1) Top: Rashguard or athletic shirt 

2) Leggings: Shop the athletic section or wear regular black leggings 

3) Athletic/Tennis/Jogging Skirt or Board Shorts: Go for loose fitting 

Total Cost: <$40 

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  1. Great video Cameron!
    I will also be doing a post with this topic as soon as we hit some warmer weather!
    I'm so glad I am finally getting into your blog more!


  2. Thanks! It's beginning to warm up here, but now's the time to buy athletic wear off the clearance racks!

  3. i recently watched that video you posted at the end and LOVED it:)

    1. Yes isn't that an interesting history of swimwear! I just finished "Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America" by Jeff Pollard and would recommend it- he writes extensively on the swimsuit as well.

  4. this is an interesting take on modest swimwear. I wear a bathing suit from walmart, with shorts, and feel very modest in it. I also think modesty has a lot to do with how you act and your demeanor, not just what you are wearing. Your actions and body language has a lot to do with modesty as well.

    Have you thought of what you would do if your husband wanted you to dress less modest? My blogging friend talks about how her covering up bothers her husband, and what she learned about modesty here on her blog:

    Modesty in and of itself is using clothing to worship God. It's not about what you cover up or what you show, its about your heart (though, you'll cover some things up because of the heart, we are not of this wicked world)

    Thanks for the interesting read.

  5. What is the brand of athletic shirt you are wearing in your picture?

    1. The label has worn off, but I got it at Goodwill.


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