Friday, April 25

Additional Thoughts on Recent Controversies

It seems everyone has an opinion on the Bill Gothard/Doug Phillips situations, however, this quick article by Debi Pearl summarizes things well. 

While only God knows the truth behind Gothard's latest (and first) statement, the greatest loss here is not the fall of a man, a ministry, or even the pain of many young women. A lawsuit was filed against Doug Phillips, whose sin seems greater than first thought. Things are falling apart.

The greatest travesty is that because of these scandals, the Christian movement has been put back by at least five years. Unfortunately, all Christians are grouped together, so the the sin of one affects us all. Our concern should not be maliciously 'taking down' these faith leaders as Debi Pearl states. Our concern should be with the affect these scandals have on effective evangelism.

How many non-believers are forever lost? How many families will scorn homeschooling? How many people will turn towards progressive-human centered Christianity.

I fear the effects of Gothard and Phillips' fall from Grace will be long-lasting. Instead of bashing these men or sweeping their sins under the rug, let's move on. Gospel-preaching Christianity has lost many years of progress because of this. We don't have time to wallow in self-pity.

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