Tuesday, April 1

Controversial Thoughts on Recent Controversies: Part 4 of 5

"You shall have no other God's before me…for I am a jealous God."

"I have not sent them, declares the Lord, but they are prophesying falsely in my name, with the result that I will drive you out and you will perish, you and the prophets who are prophesying to you.”

When does spiritual leadership become a cult of personality?

When we wait to see what that 'leader' has to say on an issue before forming an opinion.

When we ignore biblical inconsistencies with the 'leader's' opinion and instead side with the 'leader.'

When we come to see a speaker rather than hear what he has to say.

When we see that person and their family as better than our own.

When we share with others about that person rather than their ministry.

When ignore or downplay sins in that 'leader's' life.

Our God is a jealous God. He doesn't like it when we look to a person for their opinion rather than to Him. His opinion is the only one that matters. 

Anything other than the verbatim word of God from the Scriptures is mere interpretation.

Be careful who you allow to interpret for your family!

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