Thursday, April 17

Criticisms of Daughterhood Series: Naiveté

Perhaps the #1 stereotype of homeschoolers is that they're sheltered and unsocialized. And let's be honest, most daughters at home were home schooled.

Women who choose to forgo self-seeking career and/or other measures which generally assure financial security (i.e. college) are often criticized for being naive: What if your husband dies? What if your dad dies? What's wrong with making money? How will you pay the bills? How can you support a big family on one income?

Essentially: trusting God is great in theory, but what about when the rubber meets the road so to speak?

Through this trust in God for financial security the "naive" bomb is launched. And it's a big bomb. We live in a pragmatic and untrusting world. The recession has people scared. In America, there's the expectation that with a savings account, a job, home ownership, and a stock portfolio you'll be OK. But  because of the recession and political climate, this doesn't necessarily hold true. 

Perhaps when you tell someone you are voluntarily forgoing every traditional means of financial security it shakes them to the core because it makes them question every precaution they've taken for financial security.

There's a great opportunity here to share the Lord's assurances in these matters. Timothy 5 tells the church directly to care for the widows. Before the establishment of the government welfare state, churches and communities cared for widows. Matthew 19 discusses the role of the father as protector and provider for unmarried daughters. 

In summary, is there more risk for women with no college degree, credentials, or resume viable experience if their husband were to die? Yes

But should that keep us from obeying Scriptural commands and walking out in faith? No


  1. The "sheltered and unsocialized" stereotype is definitely big. Abbi and I are definitely, I think, the most social in our family (though I am a bit of a perfectionist, so that kind of holds me back a bit, I believe. Truth be told, it took me several weeks to write you, and it took encouragement multiple times from both my Mom and a friend to actually SEND it. Of course, I'm glad now I did :).), but we have no problem being homeschooled! The thing is, people who say we never get out, *really* mean, we never see people our age- which isn't true anyway (or... umm... I don't think I actually have any friends that are sixteen right now. Oops. Oh well, I will next week when a friend has her birthday, so, there you go!)- but what they don't realize is, we LOVE visiting 70 year old neighbors! And newborn babies. And any age in between!
    I liked your observation that they might be questioning their lifestyle- that is definitely the case for some people!

  2. I loved this post! I even nominated it for Miss Dashwood's 'I'd Like To Share', May edition. Here is the link to her blog, and your post will be linked to there in a couple of weeks. I love your blog and find it amazingly inspirational. ;)


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know the blog address.

  3. I've been reading through your blog and I find you very refreshing. I am a stay at home wife (meaning, I have no kids and don't work outside my home) and I love staying home and taking care of my husband and blogging :)

    I am also a new christian of two years. I wish you many more happy days following God.


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