Wednesday, May 7

Flexible Job Opportunities for Daughters

As we addressed in the last post daughters who choose to live at home wear many hats: accountants, chefs, gardeners, tutors, the list goes on an on. But what are some flexible job opportunities that might allow one to save money, stay true to personal convictions, and explore interests? Below are some flexible job opportunities for daughters at home...
  • tutoring
  • babysitting/nannying
  • church childcare
  • catering
  • event planning
  • selling homemade items or homegrown food at farmer's markets
  • raising animals for meat or pets
  • teaching lessons (i.e. music, crafting, sewing, etc.)
  • sewing clothing or making alterations
  • writing
  • medical or legal transcription
  • midwifery
  • herbalism
  • sell crafts or handmade items on consignment
  • sell handmade items online
  • elderly care
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • selling through a commission based company (i.e. Thirty-One, Silpada, etc.)
  • pet sitting
  • cleaning houses
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