Saturday, May 3

I'm Raising Rabbits!

I finally got my 2 New Zealand Whites from the local swap meet! Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit! We picked them up at the Gilman's Farm swap in Glen Allen. The buck is 1 year old and the doe is 6 months old, so this will be her first litter. We were so lucky to get the ONLY New Zealand buck of breeding age at the swap meet, and for an affordable price, too! The neighbor children are totally enthralled and have already launched a 'save the bunnies' campaign from 'evil Cameron.' A few lucky bunnies will probably end up as children's pets rather than meat. Both are about 10 pounds. 

Hopefully, we will have a litter in about a month and meat 8 weeks after that...

Mrs. Bunny Rabbit (left) and Mr. Peter Rabbit (right)

Mrs. Bunny Rabbit checks out her new home

the happy couple relaxing


  1. Cool rabbits! Do you plan to process their young for meat? I recently bought rabbits and have had lots of luck selling the bunnies as pets.

  2. We will process them when they reach 4 pounds or 8 weeks (which ever comes first). The neighbors kids will probably end up getting a few pets, too:)

  3. So neat! Yes, I know all about the 'save the ____s' campaigns from the neighbors. ;) We had one neighbor who got really attached to our turkeys - they were her 'buddies'. It's kind of strange how they see us as evil but not the companies they buy their own meat from. Oh well...



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