Thursday, May 1

My Top 10 Reasons to Support Family Integrated Churches

** this list is not exhaustive and does not include Scriptural references**

What exactly are family integrated churches? What are their benefits? Is this a new idea? The National Center for Family Integrated Churches contains a wealth of articles, sermons, a church registry, and a conference this fall in Asheville, NC. 

1) No where in Scripture can we find support (or mention) of systematic age-segregation. Furthermore, Jesus calls the children to come to Him.

2) Age-segregation positions the Church and not the family as the primary Christian worldview trainers of children.

3) Age-segregated teens fosters youth culture often doesn't include Christ-focused living.

4) To grow in Christ, youths should learn from mature Christians--- what will they learn from spiritually immature peers other than foolishness: 
Proverbs 13:20: “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.”

5) Segregating by any age (toddler, tween, teen) sends the message to our children that they need a special kind of 'education' and can't yet fully receive the Word. Why set the bar low?

6) Sitting through Church (at any age) teaches discipline and reverence for Christ under their parents.

7) Having families together during worship fosters a family culture that is under attack by the World.

8) Youth ministries have failed to produce fruit- only 10% of teens have a biblical worldview.

9) Age-segregation was created, and is fostered by humanists in the last century. Why shift from an effective model of age integregation to an ineffective one? The influence of a nanny mentality is undeniable. 

10) God created the family to be together! He created the parents to disciple children! He didn't call us to 'farm out' our children to others. 

Check out "A Weed in the Church" by Scott Brown, recently revised for brevity and clarity, it provides ample Scriptural support for family integration.

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  1. Hey I totally agree with you. And love the way you bring out your points. May you always strive to know Him more!


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