Thursday, May 15

Recent Reads #3

Anything by Ann Coulter is hilariously funny- for politically mature audiences only! The Glass Castle is a depressingly funny, yet award-winning collection of childhood stories about author Jeanette Walls' "white trash" upbringing. 

These 2 books were given to me by a mentor at church and they exceeded expectations. A mix of memoir, humor, and child-training hints I wish Rachel had made her books longer.

Stumbling Along the Beat is a memoir of police woman Stacy Dittrich's years in the male dominated profession. I personally believe God gives the role of protectors of our society to men, however the book was interesting nonetheless. 

A GREAT BOOK! Pioneer of conservative Christian sustainable farming, Joel Salatin brings both humor, agricultural theology, and practical tips.


  1. I am so glad you shared this with us because just last night I spent quite awhile staring at my bookshelf, trying to decide what to read (more like re-read). I got a lot of ideas, and most of these are on my "To-Read" list now. Thank you again!


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