Friday, May 9

Sunflower Blogger Award

Thanks to Reyna at A Peace of the Past for nominating Follower of Christ's Blog for the Sunflower Blogger Award.
Reyna's Questions...

1. Do you have a job of any sort? If so, what is it?
I just finished nannying 3 days a week for 7 months and am very to happy to move on from that (but thankful for the experience). Right now I work for my parents doing marketing, office work and social media stuff. I also help take care of my grandmother and just started raising meat rabbits.

2. If you could meet three people from the past in their own day and age, who would they be?
Considering I'm a total political junkie I would probably say Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and either George Washington or Teddy Roosevelt. Margaret Thatcher is a close fourth. Martin Luther King, Jr. would also be interesting to learn about what his political beliefs really were.

List a few of your favorite blogs.
A Noble Calling, Raising Arrows, Modest Mom Blog, Fresh Modesty, any homeschooling blog

What books do you want to read right now?
I just finished "Loving the Little Years" and am in the middle of her second companion book. About to start "Folks this Ain't Normal: A Farmer's Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World" by Joel Salatin and re-read "Eating Animals." I'm also going through the Westminster Confession of Faith (which isn't a book, but constitutes reading:) "How To" books are absolutely my favorite. On any subject. Even ridiculous things like composting toilets or basket weaving.

When are you most likely to sing?
In the car!!!! I'm alone in the car a lot running errands and listen to TONS of talk radio (mostly American Family Radio), country, gospel bluegrass, and music through the I Heart Radio App on my iPhone.


  1. I actually just finished reading "Loving the Little Years"- it was actually the second time I had done so, my Mom suggested it a couple years back and I loved it. I have yet to read the next, though. And I have so much else going on, I might not get to anytime soon, and that was the whole reason I read the first one again (cause I'm nuts like that ;)!)! Haha...

  2. I loved reading your answers!! Joel Salatin? I love his stuff! Thanks for answering the tag!



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