Thursday, June 5

Rabbits Born!

Watch the baby rabbit video HERE

Mrs. Bunny had her FIRST litter last night! It was a big surprise to all of us, as we didn't think she was pregnant from the first breeding and thought she was due in another 2 weeks. So imagine our surprise when yesterday evening she tried nesting in her food. We put a box in there and immediately she began making her nest. There are at least 5 babies, but we'll have to wait and see in a few days if there are more in there. They will open their eyes in 10 days and hop out of the box at 2 weeks.

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  1. SO fantastic creation has the Lord made too for our joy and for his glory and so wondeful life around us with blessing us and be thankful for miracless of the birds to be withus and theys babys to born in joy,thanks and bless and find more of miracles in the nature,keijo sweden


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