Wednesday, June 11

Statistics, the World, and Stay-at-Home-Moms

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The phrase working mother is redundant; in fact, if stay at home mothers were compensated for their work they would earn about $115,000 a year! Consider all the tasks your mother completes in a day: educating, cooking, housekeeping, gardening, and planning. Now consider the hostile messages bombarding her every day, telling her she’s impeding progress, ignorant, and destined to be unfulfilled. 

Less than 20% of American households have a stay at home mother, even fewer mothers remain at home for the entirety of their children’s upbringing, and even fewer are born-again Christians. There are no definite statistics, but estimates for lifelong, Christian stay at home mothers are less than 5% (not including home-educators). Less than 5% of American children will grow up with the benefits of healthier foods, less TV time, fewer behavioral challenges, higher civic involvement, less divorce, and increased one-on-one time with parents! 

Don’t be deceived by the feminist statistics which proclaim today’s stay at home mothers are overwhelmingly poorer, less educated, and unhappy. Statistics touted by secularists about the plight of stay at home mothers fail to take into account the eternal value of spiritual wealth rather than material wealth and the eternal value of wisdom (over worldly knowledge). Perhaps stay at home mothers are less happy; being a wife and mother involves dying to self and finding eternal joy in Christ! 

The traditional stay at home mother is a dying breed. As future mothers, we need to be concerned about what this means for future generations. With Christian homemaking increasingly vilified by today’s culture and fewer women choosing the path laid out in Scripture we need to prayerfully, constantly, and loudly proclaim God’s design for biblical womanhood. If we fail to do so, our world will look dramatically worse for our children and grandchildren. Sharing with others the lifelong blessings our mothers have bestowed on us is a practical way to spread God's message on womanhood to the world.

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