Tuesday, July 15

Recent Happenings in Life...

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently. We have been quite busy and the Lord is doing great works in my spirit! As we go through trials the Lord really does use them for growth. Over the last few months I wrote a little song that I hope can be of encouragement:

Lord I am thankful for
The trials that you have given me
for they are great, but you are strong
for they are great, but you are strong

Satan don't fight with me
'cause God always has victory
And through His Law pure liberty

One must just surely do
What in his heart he purposed to
With cheerfulness you will get through

The cheerful always feast
A cheerful tongue can conquer a beast
With gratitude you won't be least

In June I got the chance to visit my grandparents for a week in Florida with 2 friends. We enjoyed sandy beaches, picking mangoes, and the flea market. My 6 week old rabbits are for sale and 2 have sold. They are growing quickly and are already several pounds. Last weekend we participated in the 36th annual Hanover Tomato Festival...yes, our county loves tomatoes so much that we have an entire festival in their honor. Our family business had a booth and even Nora participated! The new handyman arm of our business is growing so much that we are hiring a new employee! Praise God! Tuesday my mom and I enjoyed lunch with the Schaeffer family. Tomatoes and potatoes are coming in the garden so quickly - 15 pounds of potatoes and 5-10 tomatoes every day!

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