Saturday, July 26

Turn Judgement into Introspection

Each of us have different sin inclinations and times in life in which the Lord forces us to deal with those inclination; sometimes during trials, other times after public embarrassment, and even during periods of spiritual peace. If aware of a particular sin inclination, we can find victory over that sin through dedicated, specific prayer and topic Scripture reading. Among many other sins I struggle with including pride, rebellion, and fear, the Lord has revealed to me a key insight in winning the battle over judging others. 

Judgement, although not usually in the legalistic sense, is a great struggle in our family. We are analytical people by nature, and constantly struggle with criticizing others - over the years we have tried many different 'techniques' to combat this awful habit, some techniques being more effective than others:) Years ago I personally made the commitment to never gossip and found this to be a great help in overcoming judgement. But recently, while reading the Commands of Christ study series (which by the way I find very insightful despite the fact that I don't 100% agree on all the Scriptural interpretation), God really convicted my heart on something:

When we judge (or criticize, or pick at, or condemn) someone for something, we can usually find a similar offense in ourselves. In other words, we judge others because subconsciously we're committing the same offense. 

For instance, I often criticize others for poor decision making, but after 'turning around' that judgement, I can see that I often make decisions rashly, or too slowly, and often without parental counsel.

It is also important to note that we are all equally guilty before God, and each have the same worth in God's eyes, regardless of our 'salvation status.' In fact, God rejoices even more in the return of a 'lost sheep.' We commit the same sins that we judge others for. Remove the beam from your eye before you judge the speck in another's

In a culture that emphasizes don't-judge-'personal morality' we shouldn't simply leave others to wallow in their sin for the sake of avoiding controversy. Instead, we should unabashedly and compassionately declare God's truth and commands. 

If we find ourselves judging others without compassion, we should catch that judgement and turn it onto ourselves. Finally, I will end with my life verse for the year: "Act as those that will be judged according to the law that gives freedom, for judgement and not mercy will be shown to those who haven't been merciful." 

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